Retail Edge Training

Do You Want To Improve Your Bottom Line?

  • Do you own a boutique or fashion retail store?
  • Do you want to have less clothes on the sales rack at the end of each season?
  • Do you want to make better buying decisions?
  • Do you want to know how to quickly get into the heads of your customers so they trust your judgement and keep coming back to spend their precious hard earned dollars with you?
  • Do you worry that you’re losing money to the online shops as customers are no longer coming into your store?

In this difficult retail market it’s time to stand out of the crowded market and keep your stock turning over. Don’t wait, book today to:

  • Learn the science behind the art of finding flattering clothing to make the buying process easier
  • Understand and identify personal colouring so your customers walk away looking vibrant and beautiful
  • Understand the different common body shapes so you can quickly assess your customers figure needs
  • Understand how the myriad of body variations will alter the clothing choices of your customer so you know what flatters your clients figure
  • Understand body proportions and how this is key in making your client look their best
  • Discover the secrets to defining a clients personality style quickly and easily to the garments you choose for them will be speaking their language.
  • Become the only salesperson or retail outlet that the customer trusts, learn how to build customer loyalty quickly and easily

You want to be the retailer of choice for your customers, the one they recommend to all their friends, family and colleagues, the one they come back to over and over again because they can TRUST your judgement.

After this training you will:

  • Have less customer returns
  • Increase your profits
  • Have less stock on the ‘sales’ rack at the end of each season
  • Have more repeat business – it’s easier to keep a customer than find a new one
Don’t just believe me, read what boutique owner Catherine Jolley of Gin & Tonic in Drummoyne had to say about this training:

Everywhere you look there is advice on ‘what not to wear’ and how to dress to suit your body shape. From the local mall to all avenues of the media there is an abundance of mediocre, one size fits all ‘stylist advice’. Against this backdrop of an over supply of quantity vs quality Imogen Lamport offers a whole other world of intelligence. Over and above fundamentals such as colour theory and body shape are the complexities of body proportion, scale, personality and values. 

 This course is a mandatory for any retail sales staff, buyers and designers. 

 Sales staff will be better equipped to instantly identify what stock will match the personality and physique of any customer who walks through the door.  They will have the confidence to provide the kind of advice that builds loyalty. Buyers and designers will be inspired by a true understanding of what actually works on women’s bodies. The more you understand the customer the more successfully you can design, buy and sell to them. So why don’t more businesses put this into practice?

 For all those who think they already know ‘what not to wear’ this course is full of information they didn’t know. 


Training held over 3 full days.   We can train at your store or at alternative premises.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today  to see how we can work together to get your store more profitable and have the retail edge.

We guarantee that you and your business will benefit from this training that we offer a 100% refund if at the end of the first day you don’t think you can apply this knowledge in your store environment.