What is Image Consulting?

Image consulting uses the tools of appearance, behaviour and communication to improve self-esteem, confidence and appearance.
Image consultants work with their clients helping them find the colours and styles of clothing that enhance their appearance.

Image consultants work with the client to express who they are, their personality, their lifestyle, through their clothes, rather than just ‘styling’ a client in the latest fashion.

Image consultants can use their skills in many areas – from fashion retail, fashion design, fashion styling, to life coaching, personal training, corporate consulting, corporate facilitation, public speaking, weight-loss counselling etc.  The list is really endless where these skills can be utilized.

Image consultants learn how to:

  • quickly understand what works for each unique body shape, proportion and variation
  • help clients express their ideal image through their clothes
  • perform effective wardrobe audits
  • shop effectively and efficiently
  • save clients thousands of dollars by teaching them what does and doesn’t work for them

The skills of image consulting can help you in your life not only becoming more confident yourself, but also assisting others to gain more self-esteem and improve career prospects, but also assist in forming relationships.